P&M Vertriebs GmbH is active in a very broad range of commercial sectors, and specialise in the e-commerce industry. As well as managing and distribution of our own products, we are also involved in external projects. For example, we guide and manage product development and manufacture, we offer consultancy and support with regard to topics such as sales of products through a range of distribution channels, and we participate in a wide range of business models.


Markets are always changing, and, above all, the growth of e-commerce must be considered if you want to survive in the market in these fast-moving times. As well as long-term customer relationships, and new customer acquisition, it is also extremely important to enter new trade channels.


This is the challenge we set ourselves.

In the implementation of our vision, the development, manufacture and distribution of individual products, P&M Vertriebs GmbH work closely with other companies, so that you as a partner can trust us to deliver competent, solution-optimised results.


If you would like to make use of our experience, competence and our know-how, please do not hesitate to contact us.