The Düsseldorf based company P&M Vertriebs GmbH grew out of a one-man business founded in 2004. Since then, the experienced founder has focussed on implementing his vision and objectives, and has consistently driven the setup of existing, and new, commercial sectors.


The formation of P&M Vertriebs GmbH was a logical consequence of the need to bring the various ventures under one umbrella, to meet new challenges and to undertake new projects. We also wanted to do justice to both old and new concepts, open up new opportunities, and allow processes and structures to complement each other, in short, to exploit the synergy in the best possible way.


As an operative parent company we work on a very wide range of projects and we devote ourselves essentially to the development and manufacture of products, and their distribution. Alongside traditional retail, the option of multi-channel sales helps us to guarantee the optimal market placement.